We are a team of financial rainmakers led by a CEO who has a gift for finding the nuances that make a substantial impact to our clients' bottom line. 

Founder and President, Brent Allen has led multiple businesses in adding more than 30 million dollars to their bottom line through detailed and methodical analysis, negotiation, and remarkable execution.


He leads a team of seasoned professionals with insight to see financials in a different way. This team includes experts in business intelligence,  banking relationships, and negotiation, as well as, all aspects of accounting and finances. They see the gaps and the possibilities, and where the impact can be realized with the most reasonable, timely changes. 

The AmpliFi team is comprised of industry experts that are the best in their respective fields. These professionals work collaboratively to integrate business intelligence in multiple areas while achieving an impressive ROI.


Our ultimate goal is for our team to become YOUR Financial TEAM, freeing YOU up - to accomplish YOUR goals.

Brent Allen
Founder & President  

Appalachian State University

Brent founded AmpliFi, LLC with the mission to bring financial clarity to today's Entrepreneurs. This is accomplished by leveraging a combination focused talent and cutting edge technology. Brent is a strategic, innovative, and multi-skilled Financial Executive with 10+ years driving transformation of business financials through effective change management across all divisions.  He has helped clients transform their bottom lines with more than 30 million dollars in ROI.

Brent is an excellent choice to spearhead financial services for small and medium businesses.  Prior to starting AmpliFi, he served as the CFO for North Carolina Firms where he demonstrated his extreme talent for seeing financials from both the CEO and CFO perspective.  This insight brought tremendous returns through the integration of financial intelligence and innovative projects. His insight and work impacted their bottom line in astounding ways.

As an executive CFO, his mature operational mindset, focus, and high level of expertise has enabled him to help Entrepreneurs and companies set a clear strategic vision for their businesses while driving performance results. His ability to think like an Entrepreneur, CEO, and CFO simultaneously, has netted extreme benefits for businesses where he has been involved. Brent says “When AmpliFi provides the right information, at the right time, with the right level of detail,  Business Leaders can make the best decisions”.


As President of AmpliFi, Brent has built a team of experts in every area of financials.  Many of AmpliFi’s clients have benefited from his skills and insights for more than 15 years. In businesses where he has provided assistance, those owners are his biggest advocates and have now become clients of AmpliFi.  Brent is an active member of  Vistage CEO Group.


A native of North Carolina, Brent graduated from Appalachian University with a double major in Banking and Accounting. He also received special recognition for being among the top 3% who passed all parts of the CPA examination on the first sitting.  He still “calls North Carolina home” along with his wife and 2 daughters.

Stephani provides unique perspective with 24 years of public accounting combined with starting and running her own businesses. Specializes in process improvement helping entrepreneurs remove the accounting headaches from their lives so they can grow their businesses and do what they do best. Expert in training and teaching the efficient use of accounting systems, including QuickBooks. Married for 24 years, proud mama of 3 beautiful daughters and 2 wonderful sons-in-law.  Soon to be a grandmother!

Stephani Long
Director of Accounting
High Point University

Josh is a dedicated and experienced Supply Chain professional with over 10 years of designing cost reduction initiatives for organizations both large and small. An expert in achieving sustainable, competitive advantages by creating strategic supplier partnerships, leveraging key spend activities, and artful negotiation. A firm believer in a streamlined work flow process, lean concepts, and servant leadership. Providing analysis of client's current and future challenges with clear recommendations and an understanding of an organization’s overall objectives. Married for 15 years with 3 beautiful children.

Joshua Robbins
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Lisa has been a financial professional for over 25 years. She has worked closely with Senior Management to cast vision for the organization and position the business for long term success during the past 14 years as CFO of a $300M general contractor and $200M specialty subcontractor.   She has experience with establishing credit facilities, treasury management, surety relationships, risk management, employee benefits administration and accounting and operational process improvement. Ms. Cunningham has worked for a Fortune 500 company subsidiary, as well as an International ownership group.   She was an integral part of the M&A teams for both buy and sell side transactions.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee and began her career working for a Big Four accounting firm. She holds a CPA license in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Lisa Cunningham
Vice President
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Madi is an up and coming member of the AmpliFi Team. Coming from the ever-changing oil industry, she is an experienced analytical thinker who excels at creating and implementing efficient processes. She consistently executes and delivers impactful results for our clients by leveraging innovative strategies to streamline complex operations. .

Madi L. Burton
Supply Chain Strategy
Liberty University

Randy is an experienced Corporate Credit Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. Strong accounting professional skilled in Cash Flow, Financial Analysis, Account Reconciliation, Contract Negotiation, and Accounts Receivable.

Randy Nolen
Accounts Receivable Manager
Radford University
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2638 Willard Dairy Road, Suite 104

High Point, NC 27265  

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