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the collective future of finance professionals

 Global. Remote. Progressive. Innovative. Curious. 

AmpliFi is comprised of top-tier talent from around the world and has a <1% hire rate for our collective of consultants comprising unlimited industry experience and finance versatility. We are committed to diversifying our brain share for your benefit and competitive advantage.

Our 5-step vetting Process of your dream team

1. We begin by reviewing thousands of applicants' professional experience.

2. All consultants are required to complete a 360 degree skills assessment. This assessment was curated specifically by and for AmpliFi standards. 

3. Those who score within the top 10% move into professional skills testing to include critical thinking, business judgment, business systems and analytics. 

4. Personality testing is completed and assessed for matching. 


5. Up to 3 interviews will take place internally prior to a contract offer to ensure all consultants share our core values.  

AmpliFi empowers people to lead fulfilled lives by providing freedom and opportunity to do what they love and to make a difference.

Do you have what it takes to be an AmpliFi consultant? 

Business meeting

Interested in purchasing pre-paid hours of Chief Financial Advisory services for your specific needs? Schedule Now. 


You are only as powerful as your ability to make strong and logical decisions at any moment. We help by offering you the most seasoned and talented finance professionals to provide a top-tier doubt-combatting service.

  • Growth and funding strategy 

  • M&A Advisory 

  • Exit planning and strategy 

Online Meeting


Predict the unpredictable and anticipate your actions through system efficiencies and brilliant analysts. Clean data fuels this service and provides metrics of confirmation that you're on course. 

  • ​Business Systems Assessment

  • Business Process Optimization 

  • Software Implementation 

  • Financial Planning & Analysis 

    • Budgeting & Forecasting 

    • Business Analysis 

    • Advanced Forecasting 

Modern Office


Trust and credibility happens here with clean and clear execution. Innovating solutions, problem solving issues and crushing barriers is at the heart of the accounting team.

  • Monthly closing 

  • Financial Reconciliations 

  • Co-pilot Management and Execution of Milestone Deliverables 

  • Coaching, mentoring or training internal financial staff members 

  • Financial Process Creation, evolution or streamlining 

  • Financial Process Documentation 



Foundational data integrity lives here. Attention to detail and readily identifying exceptions provides a strong compass to keep the entire team on track. 

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable 

  • Invoicing/Collections 

  • Cash and credit card management

  • Payroll 

  • Milestone Execution and Support

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