Business Intelligence

We will design and implement business intelligence software systems to assist your management both in automating current reporting, and provide new insights by combining financial and non-financial data. Dashboards will be built on demand and be available in real time. In these efforts, we will use extensive Information Technology, Finance and Accounting experience, and provide this intelligence in a format that is easily digested. This escalated level of Business Intelligence will ensure that entrepreneurs have “the right data, at the right time, to make the best decisions”.

Commercial Credit Services

We will manage your banking relationships; forecast and monitor loan covenants and working capital; plus recommend improved business strategies based on financial analysis and planning; complete projections and financial modeling; secure and manage capital; structure deals and complete due diligence; analyze acquisition targets; complete business valuations; and foster positive communications & negotiations.   

CFO Services

We will manage your accounting, treasury, financial reporting and tax needs; develop financial systems and processes; manage monthly financial reporting and budgeting; oversee CPA audits; make strategic recommendations to maximize ROI and improve operational efficiencies; implement improved costing and inventory methodologies;  review vendor relations and contracts; evaluate receivable terms and collection policies; review revenue recognition and expense management procedures; and provide staff oversight and training.                        

Accounting Staff

We will be responsible for leading, managing, and holding all members of the accounting/finance team accountable. We will set the expectation for excellence and provide an environment for development and growth.

Working Capital Management

Monitoring client accounts receivable collections and cash disbursements to ensure proper working capital at all times. We will seek to leverage all available tools including vendor terms and consignment/stocking programs to shorten your company’s cash conversion cycle so that you have adequate working capital on hand.

Financial Planning & Budgeting/Forecasting

Developing, refining, maintaining, and managing budget and forecast models with adjusting and updates to maximize ROI.

Cost Accounting /

Inventory Management

We will evaluate current costing and  inventory methods, and work with your leadership team to implement continuous improvement. Any proposed changes will be modeled and evaluated parallel to the current system to ensure all effects of the changes are known before we implement them.

Other Analytical Services

We will help formulate detailed and accurate financial analysis and pro forma financial statements for decision-making purposes; provide financial due diligence support for potential new business development initiatives; and support the growth of your business.

Income Statement Accounting Processes

We will provide assistance in reviewing your company’s current policies and  procedures and analyze opportunities for improvement. We will also review specific issues, including revenue recognition, expense management, and timely reporting.

Balance Sheet Accounting Processes

We will assist in reviewing and developing your company’s policies and procedures generally while considering specific issues and opportunities for improvement in our financial reporting including (but not limited to): identifying and documenting procedures to mitigate potential risk of material misstatements; cash and securities; accounts receivable; allowance for bad debt; prepaid expenses; inventory (recording/reporting and costing); and collection procedures.

Supply Chain Management

We will create and implement a Supply Chain management plan to achieve sustainable, competitive advantages by creating strategic supplier partnerships, leveraging key spend activities, and artful negotiation. We will deploy a streamlined work flow process, lean concepts, and servant leadership. This will include analysis of current and future challenges with clear recommendations.

Management & Financial Reporting Oversight

Budget versus actual variances analyses will be performed and discussed monthly. Efforts will be focused on ensuring the preparation of your company’s financial statements are in conformance with GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles). Analysis of required balance sheet accounts will be done monthly to reconcile with amounts reported in financial statements. A monthly financial reporting package for your company will be prepared to further support management decision-making with the assistance of our team. Every decision you make for your company will be a decision backed by accurate and timely information.

Audit Process/Outside CPA

We will serve as the primary contact for any outside CPA firm. We will ensure the year-end audit and tax work is completed in a timely fashion and in a cost-effective manner.

Insurance & Benefits

We will lead the analysis and negotiation for annual insurance and benefits renewals. This allows you to have peace of mind that your workers are taken care of without loss of coverage.

Production Metrics & Analysis

We will support your operations team through metrics and analysis focused on manufacturing capacity and efficiency.

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2638 Willard Dairy Road, Suite 104

High Point, NC 27265 


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