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Are you a Business Owner or C-suite Leader who hasn't yet claimed their free cash? 

Dollars (Billions)



To You Now


Total Claimed by US Businesses

Total US Govt Allocated Dollars








Collect the cash set aside for your business from the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

Time is running out.


The program timeline ended on Sept 30th, 2021 but the Government has provided a window of time to allow businesses to retroactively claim their cash from 2020 and 2021 but this won't last long.

Your ERC money is tied to the number of employees you kept in 2020-2021.

= $26,000
per employee retained


Did you launch your business on

or after Feb 15, 2020? 

You may receive extra cash up to $100,000!

Work with us

We are a collective of finance and accounting professionals on a mission to empower entrepreneurs through improved financial health.

Zero risk

to you.

Zero cost

unless you qualify.

No payment

until you receive cash.

Thousands paid to you in as little as 4 months.

Free audit protection provided to you. 

To best serve our clients, AmpliFi 

has partnered with CLV & Associates Law Firm  for the ultimate ERC Service.


A presentation at the office

How could this cash benefit your business?

AmpliFi and CLV Law have jointly submitted $75,000,000 in credits. Real cash payouts:



Religious Org


Call Center




Food Production


Recreation Assoc 


Claim Your Cash Now

You have a brief call and simply share specific records you already have.

The ERC Team will calculate your credit, complete the paperwork and submit to the IRS with regular follow-ups.

IRS Follow-up



Upload Records

15-minute call

As Fast as 120 Days to Cash in Hand

The money may be received as early as 120 days from submission. 

IRS Follow-ups continue until your cash is provided to you. 

Don't know how best to use the cash? AmpliFi CFOs are available  to help you double the impact to your business so you can hit your goals. 

Colleagues at Work

Answers to Your Top Questions


     = most popular topic 

What is the ERC?

What is the "Employee Retention Credit"?

Employee Retention Credit is a refundable tax credit – a grant, not a loan - that the government gives to employers to help fund them keeping their employees during the pandemic. This money was provided to help business owners pay their employees' salaries despite changes in business as a result of Covid. 

How much could I qualify for? 

The Employee Retention Credit is calculated per quarter. There are 4 quarters in a year. Each employee during the ERC window of time could qualify for up to $5,000-$7,000. This amounts to up to an average of $26,000 per employee kept per year. 

How much?

Isn't this only for certain industries?

The Employee Retention Credit is not limited to only certain industries, but it is only available to employers who faced business challenges during the pandemic. 

Certain industries

Can I still get this if I got PPP?

Yes! You can get the Employee Retention Credit even if you got Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. It's important to allow a specialist to perform the calculations to ensure the credit is submitted correctly. 


I did not have less revenue, can I still qualify? 

Yes. Allow out experts to determine the qualifying factors. Revenue is not the only deciding factor on qualifying. For example, other reasons for qualifying may include: 

  • Partial or full suspension of your operations

  • Any change in available business hours

  • Shutdowns or related-impact of your supply chain or vendors

  • Reduction in services or products offered

  • Reduction in workforce or employee work loads

  • A disruption, like department closures or reductions

Less revenu, still qualify?

My business was essential, could I claim the credit?

Yes. There are several ways to qualify. Answering the qualifying questions and allowing the ERC specialists to assess your qualifications is best. 

Essential, claim credit?
Assistance or guidance?

Is there any assistance or guidance available to help me use the ERC cash effectively?

Absolutely. AmpliFi provides several options for small and mid size business owners to work one on one with a Chief Financial Officer to create a plan that will help maximize the ERC money. You can meet with a CFO for as little as $99 through our CFO Essentials option. 

How quickly will I receive the ERC cash after my application is approved?

Cash can be received in as little as 120 days. The IRS has had delays and processing time may increase depending on the number of those who apply. This is why it's best to apply quickly before there is a rush to get applications in before the cut off for the program. 

Quickly receive ERC?
ERC Repayment

What are the terms of repayment for the ERC?

What makes the ERC so wonderful for small and midsize business owners is that there is no repayment. The ERC is a tax credit, or grant, and requires no payback. It might sounds too good to be true, but it is true that the cash is not a loan and is 100% free for those who qualify. 

What are the best practices for using the ERC to grow my business?

AmpliFi has 2 great ways for you to learn how best to grow your business with your ERC money:


1) Our HealthScore product provides a financial health analysis for your business to identify weakness, risk and opportunity. This detailed report will highlight most meaningful methods and actions to drive growth. a large team, or collective, of finance and accounting professionals to help you understand the best way to use your ERC money to grow your business. For a limited time, if you purchase a HealthScore you will also get 8 30-minute one on one CFO calls for FREE. 


2) AmpliFi offers CFO meetings with you one on one for as low as $99! You can have meaningful conversation and discussions regarding your business goals and best use for your ERC funds.


Best Practice
Involved do I haveto be?

How involved do I have to be and how much time will I need to give you?


Think you're too busy to apply? Think again. 


After your 2-minute prequalification, you just need:

  • 15 minute phone call

  • 30 minutes to source specific files

  • 15 minutes uploading the files


Do you have a referral or partnership program? 

Whether you were able to qualify for the Employee Retention Credit or not - you can earn some real cash today through AmpliFi's referral opportunity. Click here to get started.

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