The Employee Retention Credit is a Covid-19 related governmental program that provides relief funds to businesses who qualify. The cash amount can equal thousands or millions for your business. It is not a loan or line of credit.  

If you qualify to apply, it's yours to claim. 

No strings attached.

No payback. 

AmpliFi is helping all business owners to assess and optimize their qualification. The process can be confusing for many and prevent successful application if done alone. Our experts have helped business owners like you. We've applied for over $15 million and counting to date.

Don't wait. The program won't last.

How it works

Information Gathering

Our team of experts will kick-off your analysis by gathering information about your business. Questions will include when your company was founded, your current employee count, and exploring business impact related to Covid-19.


Analyzing your credit potential

As we learn more about your business, we will begin to analyze financial information to include your W-9, balance sheets and income sheets from 2019 to the present. We make it easy by providing clear directions and easy links where uploads will be shared directly with your ERC expert.


Applying for the credit

After a thorough review of your payroll data, we also dive into your PPP loans, if any. We also strive to understand any other relief programs you have participated in. Attention to detail is critical to ensure we capture every dollar available to you. Once complete, we'll share the final outcome and discuss next steps to apply for your funds. 

Employee Retention credit

Employee Retention Credit

Our Team has helped business owners apply and receive millions of dollars. While not "too good to be true," funds will not last long and the program could end at any time.  Schedule with our team today. 

What are you waiting for?

Let's get you some cash.