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You're a business Owner or C-suite Leader:

You need cash AND you're expected to spend it smartly.

Why take on debt when you can easily
apply for the Employee Retention Credit for free cash?

= $26,000
per employee retained

Your cash available is tied to the number of employees you kept in 2020-2021. 


Remains available

Dollars (Billions)




To You Now




Total Claimed by US Businesses

Total US Govt Allocated Dollars


Work with us

We are a collective of finance and accounting professionals on a mission to empower entrepreneurs through improved financial health.


Zero risk

to you.

Zero cost

unless you qualify.

No payment

until you receive cash.

Thousands paid to you in as little as 4 months.

Free audit protection provided to you. 

To best serve our clients, AmpliFi 

has partnered with CLV Law Firm  for the ultimate ERC Service.

Imagine what problems the cash would solve.

An AmpliFi exclusive

2023 ERC Clients receive a FREE Business HealthScore valued at $4,999!

Take the 1-2 punch:

1. Grab your ERC money while it's still available

2. Get a strong plan of action for the cash 


Colleagues at Work

Answers to your Top Questions

What is the "Employee Retention Credit"?
How much could I qualify for?
Isn't this only for certain industries?
Can I still get this if I got PPP?

Too busy to apply?

Think again. 

After your 2-minute prequalification, you just need:

  • 15 minute phone call

  • 30 minutes to source specific files

  • 15 minutes uploading the files

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