Case Study


The owner of a Business Technology Infrastructure and Managed Services Provider sought AmpliFi concierge services. 

His monthly commission calculation process was messy and involved more than 20 spreadsheets and reports, various handoffs between finance, the sales team and Management, and required multiple manual inputs with high risk of human error. 



AmpliFi analyzed the commission process in place, reviewed related data and collaborated with the client's Management Team to perform new report mapping. The AmpliFi discovery process revealed many of the fields in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system were not being leveraged to support the commission process. AmpliFi guided the client in utilization of these fields for maximized reporting. 

AmpliFi's Business Intelligence team extracted data from the ERP system to create and automate a predictable monthly report. This alleviated the manual demands on teams including Management and Sales. The final process now includes three spreadsheets, provided by Finance to Management, who reviews, edits, and sends to the sales team as their commission report for the month. ​​



The client is thrilled with AmpliFi's expertise and systematic transformation of his commission calculation process. With the knowledge gained, the company's processes continue to evolve as the automated report is utilized and the ERP data fields are redefined.  


This client has continued working with AmpliFi to identify other areas to leverage Business Intelligence to streamline processes, including weekly installation reports and backlog reports.