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Weekly CFO Essentials Subscription

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Click on a time to below to schedule your first call and submit payment to initiate your recurring subscription. Once you meet with your CFO, he or she will schedule all calls with you directly for the week that follows.

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Click here to read Weekly CFO Essentials Frequently Asked Questions.

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Terms of Service. This purchase is for a recurring subscription of 4 (four) 30-minute calls per calendar month for $399/month.  By completing this purchase and entering your payment information, you authorize AmpliFi to charge your provided payment  method on a recurring monthly basis and upon any additional request of future services verbally or written as authorized by you until this agreement is severed in writing or the service package formally concludes. To terminate this agreement or change your payment method, you must contact Cancellations with full refund of your order are provided up to 24 hours prior to your first scheduled appointment. No refunds will be provided if cancellations occur in less than 24 hours prior to the first scheduled meeting. 4  weekly meetings must be utilized within 30 days. No roll-over of unused hours will be provided. No refunds for broken appointments or failure to utilize the hours within 30 days will be provided. All future appointments beyond the first schedule will be provided directly with your CFO. 

Weekly Subscription FAQs

Weekly FAQ

Q: What is the difference between weekly guided calls and the basic monthly "Ask Me Anything" calls? A: The monthly calls are meant for owners who will bring talking points at the forefront of their mind that they'd like CFO input and insight into. This provides a freeform call which can provide an open forum for the owner to seek specific answers to specific topics.

Q: How long are the calls? A: Calls are prescheduled for 30 minutes.

Q: What if I need more time with my CFO? A: You can purchase additional hours to supplement the time available as needed. Hours may purchased singularly or in a more cost-effective bulk purchase (In 4-hours increments) with discount.

Q: What does "guided" mean in terms of the type of meetings I get with this weekly subscription? A: Your CFO will walk you through the most common opportunities for business improvement to help you realize stability and growth.

Q: Can you provide some examples of weekly guided topics and the experience I can expect? A: Of course! Here is an example of how a CFO might walk you through each week: Weeks 1-2: Introductions and Brief Assessment: The CFO will layout needed information related to your current financial situation to include your income, expenses, cash flow, and current investments. Your CFO will rapidly source and identify any immediate concerns or issues that need to be addressed. Your CFO may request you provide data or complete "homework" prior to your next meeting to maximize your time and the value of the meeting. An example of "homework" would be sourcing/creating your current budget detail and sending to the CFO for review prior to your next meeting. Weeks 3-4: Your CFO may provide feedback related to topics from week(s) prior. Your CFO may discuss budgeting and cash flow management. He or she may walk through a high-level review of the your budget and identify areas for you to realize potential cost savings. Your CFO may discuss strategies for improving cash flow, such as negotiating better payment terms with suppliers and implementing a strict accounts receivable process. He or she may review expenses and suggest ways to reduce costs. Weeks 5-6: Financial Statements and Reports Again, your CFO will address any new issues or questions. Your CFO may review your financial statements and identify any areas of concern. He or she will ensure you understand the meaning and importance of accurate financial reporting and how it can be used to make better business decisions. He or she may provide guidance on the interpretation of financial statements. Note: These are general guidelines, and the specific plan will depend on the client's needs and goals.

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