Financial Strategies for Today's Leaders


“I have been blown away by AmpliFi’s expertise

and their bold effort to accomplish what others

had failed to do for us. The report automation

they created has allowed us to focus more of

our attention on what is truly important

while saving us time and money.

Their ability to ask the right questions,

to narrow down exactly what was needed

was remarkable.”

Jaclyn Burns,  Controller

Chapel Hill Tire Inc.

What will you ACCOMPLISH 
while we work for you? 

Business Intelligence

We will design and implement business intelligence software systems to assist your management both in automating current reporting and provide new insights by combining financial and non-financial data. Dashboards will be built on demand and be available in real time. In these efforts, we will use extensive Information Technology, Finance and Accounting experience, and provide this intelligence in a format that is easily digested. This escalated level of Business Intelligence will ensure that entrepreneurs have “the right data, at the right time, to make the best decisions”.

Commercial Credit Services

We will manage your banking relationships; forecast and monitor loan covenants and working capital; recommend improved business strategies based on financial analysis and planning; complete projections and financial modeling; secure and manage capital; structure deals and complete due diligence; analyze acquisition targets; complete business valuations; and foster positive communications & negotiations.   

CFO Services

We will manage your accounting, treasury, financial reporting and tax needs; develop financial systems and processes; manage monthly financial reporting and budgeting; oversee CPA audits; make strategic recommendations to maximize ROI and improve operational efficiencies; implement improved costing and inventory methodologies;  review vendor relations and contracts; evaluate receivable terms and collection policies; review revenue recognition and expense management procedures; and provide staff oversight and training.                        

We become an integral part of YOUR TEAM

Business Intelligence Specialists, Expert Negotiators, Visionaries, ROI Experts, Problem Solvers, Financial Analysts & Planners, Early Adopters, Entrepreneurs,
Strategic Thinkers, Disrupters, CPAs, Rainmakers


We have an obsession with looking at all financial aspects of businesses and discovering nuances that can be tweaked for substantial ROI.  


We provide flexible, on-site and remote, hands-on support for all financial aspects of your business. We deploy experienced, expert personnel in order to have the most impact. We provide maximum support and leverage for your senior management so that our resources integrate efficiently into your company’s management team.


We are a team of financial rainmakers led by a CEO who has a gift for finding the nuances that make a substantial impact to our clients' bottom line. 

President, Brent Allen has led multiple businesses in adding more than 30 million dollars to their bottom line through detailed and methodical analysis, negotiation, and remarkable execution.


Expect More

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2638 Willard Dairy Road, Suite 104

High Point, NC 27265  

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