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We believe your success depends on the financial health of your business  

Is your business healthy enough to achieve your biggest dream?

artificial intelligence

expert analysis

action-ready access

Financial Advisory, AI-Enabled Busines Analysis and Exclusive Access to a High-Powered Financial Professional Collective

Welcome to the heart of your entrepreneurial journey where dreams meet financial health and empowerment. In the maze of business ownership, one intimidating challenge often lurks in the shadows – financial management. 

It's a relentless problem that can make your path to success bumpy, sometimes making you settle for less when you want more, or even worse - forcing you to quit. 

AI-driven advisory for when it just makes sense.



humanity and life experience layered when needed. 

Our app, "My AI CFO," is designed by smart technology to offer low-cost, non-human strategic financial guidance that is no cost and transports you well beyond the boundaries of "good enough. It's your opportunity to rise above the financial constraints that often shackle businesses and embrace the realm of financial excellence.

Beyond that, imagine having insightful dialogues with financial experts who not only comprehend your business intricacies but also empathize with your aspirations. It's this personalized approach that sets us apart.

No more settling, no more compromises. It's time to take charge, make informed decisions, and sculpt your unique success story.


artificial intelligence is only the beginning


Your business must work leaner and smarter to stay competitive. 


Find the most powerfully efficient AI resources for your business.


AI options are overwhelming and changing rapidly.


Layer and refine with human expertise to optimize adaptability.

stay on trend with amplifi

There are so many ways to use AI right now and it's hard to keep up. Fight AI analysis-paralysis by allowing our experts to keep you current and competitive with AmpliFi's 3-step process. 

You receive expertise through our app, conversation and/or analysis and you are matched with a Chief Financial Officer.

You receive an AI +

Human Expert generated report to include optional strategic paths to reach your wealth goals. 

We match professionals from our collective to your business needs and desired level of financial health.  

ai + expert humans


You know there are financial details within your business operations you don’t trust, don't yet know or fully control. With AmpliFi, you will have the distinct advantage of clarity-fueled business decisions over your competitors by leveraging innovative Artificial Intelligence. 


You control your future.  You've come too far to surrender to immature use of bad information at this stage in the game.  AI is powerful but imperfect. Those who trust it without human expert review are looking for the easy button. You recognize that analyzing, staying on trend and validating information keeps you smart and safe.


Bad information flow prevents you from making good decisions. You don't have to accept poor data integrity. Fearlessness to achieve your dream is acknowledging your weakness and embracing vulnerability. AmpliFi helps you feel the power of innovcation awareness. 


To be educated is to be free.
– Epictetus 

business owner dream

Jaclyn,  Controller

I have been blown away by AmpliFi’s expertise and their bold effort to accomplish what others had failed to do for us. 



Rick, President and CEO

The financial insight and value is extraordinary.


Wade, Managing Partner

The team delivers insightful analysis and creative

solutions to any set of challenges.

Tomorrow is a privilege. do it now.

It's time to hear the truth about your business health and the reality of AI. Learn more and get started with AmpliFi by contacting our team today. 

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